Photo & Video Gallery is online

Tonight I managed to install the photo gallery module here on the nanoKeyer website and uploaded a few photos taken during the building of my development prototypes. I start to like all those neat fancy wordpress features, hi !

I hope you enjoy the photos. I would be happy to receive some photos from other builders that I could upload to the site.

I also managed to combine YouTube videos with the gallery – scroll down to the bottom of the page below the gallery.

nanoKeyer Artwork

Before people start asking for the enclosure details – actually any extruded aluminum enclosure for 10x10cm PCB’s with approx. 5cm height should work.

I sourced mine from

Manufacturer is: “Fischer Elektronik” Germany.
Reichelt Order No. KOH-100 (for the lid)
Reichelt Order No. KOH-6100 (for the main enclosure body holding the PCB)
Reichelt Order No. DPL-0-6 (the front/rear face plates + screws)
Reichelt Order No. KNOPF 17-6 AL (aluminum-Knob for 6mm axis)


Documentation for REV C temporarily down

Due to the reported delays in the PCB fabrication the documentation for the newer REV C boards is temporarily taken offline since I still want to tweak some wording here and there in the building instructions to make it more user friendly.

Also I still need to prepare the preconfigured and adapted K3NG firmware for the REV C version so that I can share it on this site.

Both files (building instructions and firmware) for REV C will be made available soon again on the Downloads Section before the kits become available.

Stay tuned…

Delay with REV C PCB fabrication

I am still waiting for the next delivery of the REV C PCB’s to arrive here from the fabricating house. Since they are manufactured overseas the shipping and custom clearance times are always a bit unpredictable.

So far the first batch of REV C PCB’s has only be used for building the prototype and making the documentation¬†and some have been distributed with some beta tester hams in my neighbourhood to see how reproducable the kits are.

I expect kit availability mid March. Please be patient. I will announce availability here.

All REV B kits on stock were gone on eBay. I have only one very last one left. Please contact me if you are interested in this very last REV B kit…

Oscar, DJ0MY