REV B boards currently being sold via eBay

I am currently selling off my small remaining stock of REV B PCB based kits on eBay to recover some of the cost of developing this keyer PCB. Many of the REV B boards have been successfully built in some radio club building activities.

You will find the documentation / building instructions for the REV B boards in the download section.

Very soon the first keyer kits will be made available through this website. The first public release kits after the success of the REV B boards will be made available here on this site based on the next REV C boards. I just finished to build the first REV C prototype for taking photos and updating the documentation. You will find all info in the download section once the first batch of the keyer kit becomes available here.

I am currently waiting for an backorder of one part and PCBs which are missing to complete the first small batch of REV C keyer kits.

Stay tuned on the nanoKeyer website for my announcement of kit availability (hopefully in 1-2 weeks time)