First Rev. C kits available soon

I received the missing parts today and will pre-pack a small batch of kits based on PCB revision C within this week if time allows and will only need the PCBs to complete the pack.

Changes from Rev. B to the latest Rev C comprise:

  • Added four mounting holes added for traditional enclosure mounting
  • Added ASR (Automatic Serial Reset) disable/enable jumper instead of fix ASR disabling of Rev. B
  • Added 2 pin polarized pin header for external voltage (e.g. battery or power jack)
  • Arduino Nano V3 silk screen layout (Rev. B had Arduino Nano V2 layout)
  • Changed analog port routing (no change of K3NG sourcecode required any more)
  • New power supply routing for xternal PS2 keyboard jack
  • Fixed the crossed-over clock/data lines of PS2 keyboard jack

The PS2 keyboard corrections can also be easily applied to all REV B PCBs – see building instructions errata section.
The REV B will give you an identically featured keyer than REV C, other than lack of luxury things like ASR jumper.

Once the kits are ready you will be able to find a “buy now” button on the Get one tab on this page.