Documentation Updated

I have been busy improving the nanoKeyer documentation on this site. I have been uploading several new revisions of the REV. B kit building documentation over the past few days, which is now greatly improved.

I also managed to complete the REV. C documentation and uplaod it to this site. The REV. C documentation is formatted in a slightly different way than REV. B. Overall I am quite happy with the result and I hope builders will find it eay to follow.

Due to enquiries of a few hams I realized that a step-by-step guide to program the Arduino Nano would be quite useful for some persons. Therefore I have written up a little tutorial to get started with the Arduino IDE and upload the K3NG keyer firmware via the USB cable.

You will find all new documentation as usual in the download section. Make sure you alway download the latest files before building the kit.