WPM Speed pot not working? Try this fix

Hello fellow nanoKeyer builders, if you experience after the first Firmware upload that the nanoKeyer is working, but the speed potentiometer is not responding, this may be caused by a wrong default state of the potentiometer mode in the firmware.

The temporary fix (there will be a new Firmware soon by K3NG) is easy:

Enter command mode by pressing the command button (left button) and you will hear a “boop beep”, after which you can enter various commands by sending character using the paddle.

Now key with your paddles a letter V.
( V –> Toggle potentiometer active / inactive)

To exit command mode, send X in CW using the paddles or just press the command button again upon which you will hear “beep boop” and you’ll be back in regular sending mode.

Now your WPM speedpot should be working again.

This mode change will be stored into internal EEPROM and will be persistent also after next power up.