New K3NG Keyer Firmware available

Good news for all Arduino Keyer and nanoKeyer enthusiasts. Goody, K3NG, has just released a new version of his famous keyer code on his Arduino Keyer Blog.

This new version 2012032501 Code has and improved paddle command mode memory wordspace detection (while programming your memory messages), a hard programmable wordspace limiting, and trailing space trimming option.

With the previous code it was easy to get too long word spacing when keying the message in via the paddles.

As usual I provide this latest version also as a preconfigured file for nanoKeyer use in my downloads section, which I just uploaded to the server.

Thanks to Goody for his excellent job and the new functionality.


New Firmware File Uploaded

If any of you fellow builders encounter problems and error messages during compilation of a previously downloaded firmware file please download the freshest file for a fix.

Some of the previous code had a remark line on top of the code which by mistake were left uncommented and thus the compiler tried to interprete it as garbage…

It seems that only the last revision of the nanoKeyer preconfigured REV C firmware was affected.

For newly built nanoKeyers I would always strongly recommend to download the most freshest file prior to uploadig to the Arduino Nano.

I have just uploaded a fixed version of the REV C firmware file. It also contains a fix for the previously described speed potentiometer default configuration problem when uploading to a factory new Arduino Nano.