nanoKeyer now SO2R compatible…

The open source firmware powering the nanoKeyer was just released by Goody K3NG in a new version. The new version implements some additional features only available in K1EL Winkeyer 2 protocol.

Thanks to this the nanoKeyer can now be used as a single keyer to key two radios via a contest logging application supporting SO2R (Single Operator 2 Radios) mode. SO2R operation was tested with two radios and the N1MM contestlogger succsessfully.

The Radio 1 is then keyed via the standard keying output and the Radio 2 is keyed via the PTT output.

The K3NG firmware code now has definitions for multiple CW keying lines.  They’re set up the same way as PTT lines in the code and are freely configurable and combinable. The unit can operated without any PTT lines activated.

As usual you can find a preconfigured firmware file for the nanoKeyer fetures here in the Download section.
You will find a single radio port version and a dual radio port configuration (for SO2R).

Thanks once again to Goody K3NG and his outstanding efforts and for this excellent piece of keyer code freeware.