New photos and videos in Gallery

I have just uploaded a few new photos to the photo gallery on this site. The new photos show the new REV D nanoKeyer board which will have status LEDs added on board….(Green = Power, Red = PTT and Blue = CW Keying). REV D now uses a self supporting speedpot so that there is no visible hex nut on the outside of the enclosure anymore. Also the 6.3mm Stereo Jack was moved backwards and is now installed without external hex nut. These modifications give the final keyer when built into an enclosure a much more professional appearance.

I’ve built the new PCB into a prototype aluminum enclosure (same type as my REV C prototype, but with 10mm lower height) and the front and back face plates were professionally produced by a CNC milling company (very expensive, but hey its a “show off” prototype…).

I also added a few more YouTube videos below the gallery.

The REV D boards and their full documentation will soon be made available.

All REV B and C builders can have a look to the REV D schematics and easily retrofit this simple status LEDs extension externally on their REV B/C boards without any problems, since it is a pretty simple circuit.