New Firmware posted

Goody K3NG has been busy updating his keyer code once again. His latest release is Version 2012101701. See the version history on K3NG’s blog.


Fixed a bug in Iambic A mode where additional dah was sent after releasing a paddle squeeze.  Optional non-English character support was added for the CLI and K1EL Winkey emulation.  The command mode P command now supports double digit memory numbers.  Fixed a bug with transmitter switch announcements (“TX1″, “TX2″, etc.) not sent in sidetone.

You can find the files preconfigured for nanoKeyer use here in the download section of this site. As usual you will find two files – one preconfigured for standard mode (keying + PTT line) and one for two radio keying (SO2R mode using the keying line for Radio 1 and the PTT line for Radio 2)

Enjoy the new firmware…