Win-Test now also supported by latest K3NG firmware

While most K1EL Winkeyer compatible programs such as N1MM logger or HRD where working fine with the K3NG firmware when using the K1EL Winkeyer emulation mode, there are still some programs out there which have a “twist” of some serial port bytes when initializing the K1EL Winkeyer mode communication with the external keyer.

The widely spread Win-Test was one of those programs. Goody K3NG was able to fix this problem in his recent unstable release of the K3NG Arduino CW keyer source code. I have just tested it on the nanoKeyer hardware and it works fine in both SO1R and SO2R modes.

I will make a pre-configured version available here on my site soon, so that you do not have to fiddle around yourself with the source code configuration in order to adapt it to the nanoKeyer.

Now even “professional” contesters can enjoy an open source solution 🙂