Firmware Upload Guide Updated

It seems that my new firmware upload guide version had a small logical error inside and specially for beginners it would potentially create problems and compile errors when trying to compile the source code. Also the hardware configuration tabs might be missing when an unexperienced user was following the guide.

I have therefore slightly rewritten the firmware upload guide to make the process much clearer and also make sure that the above errors and effects should not happen anymore.

If you encounter problems with following the previous guide please download a fresh copy of the recent version and try again.

Many browsers keep a copy of the formerly downloaded version in their cache to speedup the browsing display.
Make sure you delete the browsers cache and download history before atempting to download the new guide version.

You can recognize the correct new version by the first phrase on page 10 instructing you to press CANCEL…(versus the former version, that said to press OK at that stage)