Kits temporarily unavailable

Some of you who tried to order nanoKeyer kits lately might have wondered why there were no kits available for a while. The reason is mainly that we are currently building a new home which is currently in the final stages and we are planning to move into the new home soon.

This means that a lot of hobby related items are already packed and prepared for the move (most of the shack is already dismanteled) including stuff I use for preparing nanoKeyer kits.

I expect to be able to have normal and more regular kit availability towards the end of the year (hopefully) or in early 2016 once we settle into the new house and I have my basic electronics lab back in some kind of useable state.

I will place a post here on this site when kit shipping operations are back to normal from the new home – so stay tuned 🙂

Thanks for your understanding. 73 de Oscar DJ0MY