A few new kits available…

Hello fellow Hams, it has been a while since I last posted here. In the meantime I got a lot of private eMail enquiries on kit availability. Unfortunately the move into the brand new house created a lot of stress and work and besides the new house there is also a familiy with three kids and wife to take care of, as well as a more and more busy dayjob.

Most basic work on the house and graden landscaping is now coming to an end within the next weeks and months so that my sparse free time will be slowly increasing. That increase in free time will allow me now (besides chasing some rare DXpeditions or few hours of contesting) to intermittently pack a smaller amount of kits and make them available here every now and then. This means you may still occasionally experience some periods of temporarily unavailable kits, but that periods may become shorter and shorter over next months.

Today its therefore with a great pleasesure to announce that I was able to pack a small batch of kits again. So you may order the parts kits as usual on the Get One page of this site.

By the way:  You can check yourself easily if kits are on stock by pressing the Paypal order button (Paypal is keeping track of my inventory). If order is processed normally it means you were lucky. If kits are out of stock Paypal will not process the order.

73 de Oscar DJ0MY