Shipping to USA resumed !

Finally, I have some good and some bad news.

Good news first:

Since last week German Post (Deutsche Post) started to accept large envelopes (“Warenpost”) for sending commercial goods to the US again at their usual airmail prices. That’s basically the service that I was providing before and that is covered by my global shipping flat rate for the nanoKeyer kit.

The bad news:

Given that all intercontinental flights as a result of COVID19 restrictions are still significantly reduced and there is not sufficient airmail capacity available, they restarted offering this service only as a sea freight service. They will route all envelopes to the US via sea instead of airmail.

German Post advises that the transport time may be around 25-30 days longer than the usual airmail transit times. (That means it could well take up to 40-50 days including customs clearance)

Shipments to the Westcoast or remote places in the US may even take longer than this.

So I am ready to ship your long awaited kits immediately via this newly opened option to the US again if you are willing to accept the longer transit times.

Lets hope that they may restore their airmail services again within the next couple of months in parallel with eventually increasing intercontinental scheduled flights providing sufficient airmail capacity.