New kits available

Hi folks, in case you have been trying to order kits over the past weeks it was very likely that PayPal reported a stock of zero to you and was not accepting your order.

I am very happy to announce that of today there are new kits available. Feel free to place an order under the “Get One”sction of this webite and start builing your own nanoKeyer.

73 de Oscar DJ0MY



nanoKeyer supports WRTC 2018

The use of the nanoKeyer parts sourcing service (nanoKeyer kits) is supporting the WRTC 2018 event held in Germany next year. WRTC are the “Olympic Games” of Amateur radio.

DJ0MY (the maker of nanoKeyer) has been donating in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for this fantastic event and is mentioned on the donors list.

Please support this event by making a direct donation to WRTC on their website or by building a nanoKeyer.


New Year – New Kits available

Today its with a great pleasesure to announce that I was able to pack a small batch of kits again for the new year 2017 start. So you may order the parts kits as usual on the Get One page of this site.

Since there is only a very limited stock you should order fast to avoid the kits being sold out.

By the way:  You can check yourself easily if kits are on stock by pressing the Paypal order button (Paypal is keeping track of my inventory). If order is processed normally it means you were lucky. If kits are out of stock Paypal will not process the order.