NanoKeyer Downloads:

This is an open-source hardware project solely for private and hobby reasons. While everybody may participate and download the data on this page for his personal and hobby purposes it is explicitly not permitted to use any of the data or files from this website or project for commercial purposes, whatsoever.

Please respect this. I am doing this project in my spare time.

The open-source nanoKeyer Gerber production files below allow users to create boards that are 100% functionally, electrically and physically compatible with the original nanoKeyer hardware.

PCB REV D Files:
This is the latest most up-to-date revision.

Building Instructions (Including Schematic diagram and Bill of Material):
nanoKeyer building instructions PCB REV D

K3NG firmware (Master Branch) for REV D (and C)  PCB as ZIP format package:
nanoKeyer Firmware Sourcecode (from K3NG GitHub site)

Download the production (yes, the CAM) Gerber files, in a ZIP format package:
Gerber Files for nanoKeyer REV D PCB (ZIP)

nanoKeyer – K3NG Firmware Upload Guide:

Uploading the Firmware to the Arduino Nano is very easy and fast via the PC and USB cable.
Please download this guide to learn how to program your nanoKeyer after building it:

nanoKeyer Firmware Upload Guide 2 (PDF)