nanoKeyer info

The nanoKeyer is an Arduino Nano based CW Contest Keyer.

It was designed specifically for use with the K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility.

The nanoKeyer is suitable as a standalone keyer or for keying the radio via the USB port from a connected computer and your favoured contest logging software. By means of the K3NG firmware it can be also used as a computerless keyboard keyer by attaching a PS2-Keyboard to it.

Key Features (K3NG Firmware):

  • CW speed adjustable from 1 to 999 WPM
  • K1EL Winkeyer interface protocol emulation
  • Supported by major logging apps (e.g. N1MM, HRD, etc. in K1EL Winkeyer mode via USB port)
  • SO2R compatible through K1EL Winkeyer 2 protocol emulation
  • Command mode for using the paddle to change settings, program memories, etc.
  • PS2 Keyboard Interface for CW keyboard operation without a computer
  • PTT with configurable lead, tail, and hang times
  • Up to 12 memories with macro and serial number support
  • QRSS and HSCW
  • Iambic A and B, Ultimatic and Bug mode
  • Farnsworth Timing, Autospace and Wordspace Adjustment
  • Keying Compensation, Dah to Dit Ratio, Weighting adjustment
  • Non-volatile storage of most settings
  • and much much more….

The firmware is open source code provided by K3NG so you can customize it to fit your needs.

The keyer features one radio port with a optically isolated PTT keying line as well as the CW keying line.
The paddle is conneted with a standard 6.3mm Stereo Jack compatible with most modern radios.

Via the USB jack of the Arduino Nano plug-in board (the “heart”of the keyer) the keyer can communicate with a PC or MAC. The FTDI chip drivers will provide virtual serial COM port on the computer wich is then available to external loggers for communicating with the keyer (via the K1EL Winkeyer emulation mode).

A mini DIN jack allows to connect an externalPS2-Keyboard for computerless keyboard keying.

While the keyer can be powered solely via the USB port there is also the possibility to connect a battery or external power during computerless operation.

nanoKeyer – Contest keying has never been this fun…